July 2, 2017

6 Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Sick This Winter



Winter has well and truly arrived in all its glory, bringing with it snowy on the mountains, icy winds, record-breaking surf, and the dreaded winter flu.

Because good food fixes everything Guy has put together some of his top tricks and recipes to stay healthy this winter and fight those winter blues. Including Broths, Soups, Salads and much more; Winters not so bad when it involves great food and a bottle of red wine by the fire.

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#1 Hydrate

Water is absolutely essential in maintaining a healthy, happy body and mind. No matter what season or temperature, our bodies are constantly using up our H2O stocks. Hydration in winter is just as important as it is during summer, but if you want a warmer option in the cooler temperatures, try opting for herbal teas, soups and bone broths.

#2 Eat

Food is fuel and takes a lot of energy for your body to stay warm and healthy in winter, so don’t forget to eat when you feel that you need to. Feed your body and mind with whole foods, vegetables and good fats and as always stay away from processed foods and sugar, especially at snack time.

#3 Veggies

Super charge your diet and immune system this winter by increasing the amount of vegies in your diet. Vegies are an important source of nutrients and packed with vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy during the colder months.

#4 Spicy

Get Spicy this winter with ginger, cayenne pepper, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, and oregano. These guys are all densely packed with vitamins and minerals and are also immune boosting, antibacterial, and have antibiotic properties to help warn off the dreaded winter flu.

#5 Rest

Giving your body time to recover, rest and regenerate is so important and will improve not just your physical but mental health as well. Meditation, Rest and a good nights Sleep gives your body a chance to regenerate and replenish your immune system to help fight off those winter bugs.

#6 Exercise

Light to moderate exercise has been found to boost immunoglobulins (antibodies). Its these antibodies that support your immune system keeping your body healthy, fight off sickness such as the dreaded winter cold and flu.





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