Bondi Harvest isn’t just a food blog; it’s a culinary love affair with the sun, surf, and vibrant Australian beach culture. Founded by Chef Guy Turland, this international sensation has left its footprints in the sand and on our taste buds.

Who We Are

Bondi Harvest started in 2013 as a YouTube experiment by Chef, surfer, and free-diver, Guy Turland. Guy’s uniquely Australian food voice was noticed by many across the world, including Jamie Oliver, HarperCollins Publishing, Food Network, and Tastemade.com in the US.

Bondi Harvest has built a global following with two cookbooks sold internationally: “Simple, Sustainable” & “Balance,” published by HarperCollins, two internationally distributed TV series, and 25.8M minutes of content watched across YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Bondi Harvest is more than just a culinary brand; it’s a lifestyle centered around the sun-kissed shores of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. Born from the passion of chef Guy Turland, Bondi Harvest celebrates the vibrant flavors of coastal cuisine while embracing a global perspective. At Bondi Harvest, food is more than just sustenance; it’s a celebration of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and the joy of sharing meals with loved ones. The brand’s philosophy revolves around simple, wholesome cooking that reflects the beauty of nature and the coastal lifestyle.

While rooted in Bondi’s beach culture, Bondi Harvest’s reach extends far beyond Australia’s shores. Through their popular YouTube channel, cookbooks, and collaborations, Guy has introduced audiences worldwide to the flavors of coastal cuisine. From California to Japan, Bondi Harvest inspires people to embrace fresh, seasonal ingredients and create delicious meals wherever they are.

Bondi Harvest Today: Today, Bondi Harvest continues to grow as a global community united by a love of food, surf, and sun. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, Bondi Harvest invites you to join the journey of culinary exploration and beachside bliss.

Bondi Harvest has produced and hosted six international food and travel series, distributed by Tastemade, and most recently, “The Bondi Harvest TV show: Summer Cooking,” currently enjoying global distribution with Fremantle Media, airing on esteemed channels such as SBS, Qantas Inflight, Food Network, Hulu, and Foxtel.

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