An 8 part food and travel series by Bondi Harvest made for the Tastemade Network, Journey to the SOURCE of our favourite ingredients

Follow Chef Guy Turland on these tasty food travels

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Lemons in Sicily | SOURCED Ep 01

In the first episode of SOURCED, we take a journey to Sicily, where the best lemons in the world are rumored to grow. Guy Turland from Bondi Harvest explores the centuries-old groves along the Mediterranean coast, at the foot of a smoking Mount Etna.

Hazelnuts in Italy | SOURCED Ep 02

In the next episode of SOURCED, we follow the hazelnut road and end up in Piedmont, just in time for the annual Nocciola Festival. Join Guy as he celebrates with the townsfolk and finds inspiration for a delicious dessert. It’s pretty nuts.

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Coffee in Italy | SOURCED Ep 03

What’s better than Italian Espresso? How about Tiramisu with Italian Espresso? Join Guy as he explores Palermo, Sicily on the mission for the best coffee Italy has to offer.

Pistachios in Sicily | SOURCED Ep 04

Ever wonder where the best pistachios in the world grow? Bet you didn’t think it was next to a volcano. Join Guy Turland of Bondi Harvest as he eats his way through another delicious episode of SOURCED.

Olives in Spain | SOURCED Ep 05

In this episode of SOURCED Guy ventures into Southern Spain in search of the country’s best known crop, olives. Known by the locals as “liquid gold,” olive oil is Southern Spain’s specialty and Guy uses both fresh olives and their oil to create a tapas feast fit for a local.

Kaffir Lime in Thailand | SOURCED Ep 06

In this episode of SOURCED Guy explores Thailand in search of Kaffir Lime. On a hunt for the best local dishes Guy eats his way through the floating markets, consults a local chef for the best curries and finds everything he needs to impress the locals with a homemade Thai soup.

Matcha in Japan | SOURCED Ep 07

In this episode of SOURCED Guy explores the varied landscape of Japan in search of Matcha green tea. From the streets of Tokyo to the fields of Fuji, Guy eats, drinks and steeps himself in the tradition of this storied beverage.

Pasilla Peppers in Oaxaca | SOURCED Ep 08

In this season’s final episode of SOURCED, Guy journeys deep into the Mexican jungle to find a Oaxacan specialty: the Pasilla pepper. Join him as he samples the entire spectrum of mole, and spices up a dish of his own with this richly-flavoured chile.


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