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January 25, 2021

Simple Waffle Recipe | Mandalorian Baby Yoda Maker

Mandalorian Waffle Recipe

A few weeks back I was given the coolest Mandalorian Baby Yoda Waffle maker so I thought I’d give it a crack and whip up a super simple and tasty recipe. This Recipe is possibly the simplest waffle recipe you’ll find on the internet making it the perfect recipe to feed the family this weekend.

What’s your favorite go-to waffle topping?

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  • SERVES: 4



  • Waffle Ingredients

    2 cups flour

    1 tbs baking powder

    1 tbs honey

    pinch salt

    2 cups oat milk

    1/3 olive oil or butter

    beetroot powder

    2 eggs separated.

    Waffle Method

    Pre-heat your waffle iron

    In a large bowl mix flour, baking powder, beetroot powder (optional) honey, salt, and oat milk until combined and smooth

    Separate your eggs into whites and yolks, mix egg yolks into the batter.

    Whip egg whites until they’ve reached heavy peeks then gently fold egg whites into your waffle batter mix

    Butter or oil your waffle iron, then add your batter.

    Cook until golden (5 minutes) then serve hot with some of these optional toppings





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