October 4, 2014

How To Make Chimichurri

How To Make Chimichurri

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This video is dedicated to the man behind the camera and THE integral piece of the Bondi Harvest puzzle – Mark!

This bearded man loves his Chimichurri, and so we thought it only fitting that we should do a weekly video showing you (well him) how to make it.

You can make this in a food processor if you like, BUT it will bruise the herbs and therefore it will not last as long in the fridge. We’ve chosen to chop the herbs by hand so that we can keep the jar in the fridge and use it throughout the week. If you’re using it all straight away, then feel free to throw your herbs in the food processor.

Chimichurri tastes great as a sauce served with steak, seafood, chicken… well pretty much everything. We also love using it as a spread in sandwiches and as a dressing in salads. There’s not much this sauce doesn’t taste good with.


Bondi Harvest recipes use a conventional fan oven, measuring at Degrees Celsius °C.

Bondi Harvest recipe measurements use the Metric system.




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