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August 23, 2021

How to cook lamb back-strap (loin of lamb) with Juniper crust

How to cook lamb back-strap (loin of lamb) with Juniper crust

Lamb loin is such a lovely lean and flavorsome cut of meat that’s super simple and quick to cook. In this recipe, I’ve crusted my loin with salt, pepper, and juniper berries for some well-needed spice kick. 

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  • SERVES: 2



  • Spice mix

    3 tbsp juniper berry 

    3 tbsp peppercorns

    ½ cup sea salt 

    400g lamb fillet/backstrap (cleaned) 

    ⅓ cup Mint, leaf 

    ⅓ cup Pasley, leaf

    Segments of one manderine or orange

    1 Zucchini, chopped roughly  

    4 Radish, sliced into rings


    1 tbsp Honey 

    1 bunch Mint leaves, chopped 

    2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar 

    2 tbsp Olive oil 



  • Make your juniper spice mix by grinding juniper, peppercorns and sea salt in a blender or mortar and pestle until combined and yet still coarse. 

    Roll your lamb backstrap in your spice mix. On a hot griddle grill your spice crusted lamb with a little olive, cook for 3-4 minutes on both sides or until medium rare. 

    Once cooked to your liking remove your lamb from the grill and place on a clean plate, rest for 3-4 minutes then slice. 

    While your lamb is resting make mint sauce by mixing chopped mint, honey, vinegar and olive oil in a bowl. 

    Make your salad by mixing your seasonal fresh veggies, mint and parsley in a bowl, season with salt and pepper. 

    Serve your lamb and salad with a generous serve of hummus and enjoy.  





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