Workout for the Week by Dylan Rivier

Calisthenics (or bodyweight exercises) have been around since day one. There’s a bit of a buzz around this type of movement these days with some even considering it to be the ‘latest’ craze or some new form of training.

The fact is, it’s pretty much the original form of exercise involving nothing but your body weight and the occasional thing to hang off! It also happens to be one of my favourite ways to train – especially when the sun is shining and I’m down at the beach ;).

Heres this weeks bodyweight workout. It’s simple yet effective, and you don’t need anything but a bar…

Repeat this set 5 x for beginner/intermediate, or 10 x for intermediate/advanced

  • 10 x pullups **
  • 20 x pushups *
  • 30 x squats *
  • 10 x leg raisers ***
  • 200m run***

* if you can’t do them all in one set simply do as many as you can each time till you reach the desired number.

** if pull-ups are too hard, use a bar thats low enough to hold whilst keeping your feet on the ground and use your legs to jump up providing a little assistance each time.

*** if you think its too easy just doing the pullups, pushups and squats, feel free to add leg raisers and a short run to your workout.

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