April 11, 2018

4 Tips To Travel Like A Professional

Taking you one step closer to the ultimate travel experience >> UPGRADES BABY!!!

4 tips to travel list a professional

In 2017, we explored 15 countries in 6 months filming, eating and sharing stories. So, you could say we know thing or two about traveling and how to get the most out of your time on the ground and in the air.

First up, do your research

Ask yourself what, why and how?

What do I want to see / Why am I traveling / How am I experiencing it – and make a list of all these things prior to booking.  This list will help you make decisions on where and how you want to experience your adventure.

Also, wherever you go, research the local food and restaurants before you arrive – nothing gives you a feel for the true local scene then eating where the locals eat. Yew!

Points matter

Gone are the days of traveller’s cheques or even cash. Getting the right credit card before your travels  include some impressive benefits; Travel insurance, financial protection, access to business class lounges and bulk frequent flyer points just to name a few.

Every point matters and can take you one step closer to the ultimate travel experience >>  UPGRADES BABY!!!

Concentrate on one or two points rewards programs and whenever you can, double dip through the airline’s online shopping malls.  If you want bulk points fast get a good credit card.

Credit card points can go towards making your flight and travel experience that little bit more affordable and luxe. For example:

  1. Booking your entire flights on points
  2. Upgrading to a better seat and even business class
  3. Buying travel essentials, like noise cancelling earphones

Book as far ahead in advance as possible (months) or sometimes it’s better to just leave it a week out in order to snag a seat on the flight you want.

Check out Credit Card Compare  to find the best credit card possible.

Get the right camera

Whether you’re traveling around the globe or heading out on an epic road trip it’s best to travel light.

Picking the right camera for you can be difficult and daunting. There are so many different kinds of cameras on the market and they all offering something different and great.

Don’t get tricked into buying a camera beyond your comfort zone. The perfect travel camera doesn’t have to be uber expensive, over complicated or fancy.

The right camera to capture that special moment can be as simple as your iPhone or a small digital point and shoot. The key thing to remember is simply something that you’re comfortable using.

I take my phone, a Gopro, and a vintage stills camera everywhere I go to capture all are my adventures.

The Bondi Harvest Travel Kit:

So, start saving and get onto Credit Card Compare.

Noise cancelling earphones

Noise cancelling headphones are a must for any long-haul flight

Lonely Planet’s – Chris Zeiher says they’re a non-negotiable, must-have item for anyone spending serious time in the air.

Regular headphones don’t even come close to noise cancellers on a flight. It’s not just the engines and air-conditioning on the flight, you hear everything. Conversations around you, screaming babies, the food trolley, the person next to you snoring like a beast!

Noise cancellers don’t block everything out, but it’s way less intrusive and reduces the noise. You can still hear bits and pieces with noise cancellers, but it’s way less intrusive. Instead, it’s reduced to a vague background hummmm and makes your moving watching experience a million times more enjoyable.

Experts estimate in-flight noise reaches a steady roar of 85 decibels after takeoff, and Sennheiser says high-quality noise-cancelling headphones can more than halve this sound.

They come in at about $400. But if the price puts you off, it’s another reason to purchase those bad boys using points.

Check out the Bondi Harvest Earphones of choice :





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