May 7, 2020

Mothers Day Menu | Taylor Cullen

Mothers day Menu

What says we love you, Mum, more than brekkie in bed, here at Bondi harvest, we are unsure anything tops the royalty of receiving something super tasty, still snuggled up, accompanied by your favorite morning drink, perhaps what tops it is the man of the house has to get up and help the kids make this delightful feast while you read your book in silence, that’s what our mums used to love about mothers day, the fact that all hassles are put back on the kids, and someone there with them, curating the cleanup. This is a message for Kids and Dads looking at cooking brekkie in bed for Mum, this french toast is basically a doughnut disguised as french toast, making you feel better about consuming it before you brush your teeth or think about leaving the house for the day. Now we Bring Dads into the equation because from experience and growing up ourselves, we always saw Dad take the opportunity to get in Mums good graces, showing that he too, can control those beautiful daemons we call children and provide a luscious, doting meal, just for the lady of the house. This recipe can be made healthier if that’s your mum’s game, but don’t you think she may deserve one little cheat morning, I mean did we use the term ‘breakfast doughnuts’ yet? Its pretty hard not leaning towards the full recipe. We soak the bread in a traditional mix of eggs and milk, frying in a pan until golden brown, then tossing it in cinnamon sugar, accompanied with blueberry compote, caramelized banana, some rashers of bacon, creme fraiche, and some good quality maple syrup. Let’s talk about the bread for a moment, we have found that the ultimate french toast bread is brioche,  the enriched dough soaks up more of the eggy mix than most, making it juicer and softer in the middle, while still being able to caramelize the outside perfectly, however, in this recipe we used ciabatta, our chef Taylor has been cooking writing and photographing these dishes from his apartment in Bondi, Guy and Taylor have been making fresh bread every day with a starter Guy resurrected from the freezer, perfect for times like this, Taylor used his own ciabatta for the recipe, if you are making your bread at home currently we encourage you to use that, it goes a long way with Mum having everything homemade, however, if your not, brioche, sourdough or ciabatta from the bakery will do just fine, this recipe is very simple, it took Taylor twenty minutes to complete from start to finish. If you prep the blueberries the day before it will be even quicker. Just like we said mums like everything homemade, They love homemade cards, their children’s art is something to put in the archives, along with some fresh-picked flowers you are onto a winner. Now that we’ve made this day easy for you, here are some tips on how to make this dish a little healthier. You can use oat milk instead of regular milk in the egg mix, for the full doughnut effect we use cinnamon and white sugar, however, you can swap out white sugar for coconut sugar, it has a lower GI and in turn, is better for you. Creme fraiche is a fatty sourcream, its beautiful, and works perfectly with the dish, swap it out for greek or coconut yogurt. We lather the dish with maple syrup, we can’t help it, put it on the side and let Mum add it herself, she knows what’s best but we suggest you encourage her to go a little heavier on it. All in all, while the recipe is heavy on sugar it is only one meal, mum will survive and with the flavor, we don’t think shell be complaining, this is the best french toast you’ll ever eat and there will be no need to go out and buy it once the kids know how to make it. Happy Mother’s day.

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