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May 4, 2020

6 creative ways to use leftover sourdough starter

leftover sourdough starter recipes

6 creative ways to use leftover sourdough starter

Now that you have gone to all that trouble, making sourdough starter, then making sourdough, after a lot of practice, a lot of dense bread but have now perfected it and are happy with your new bread-making skills, it’s time for the next step, what do I do with all that leftover starter..?. Well have we got the blog for you, we will take you through a few recipes we use, from crackers to waffles, we have you covered, breakfast lunch and dinner, gluten for all… don’t worry about that though, the gluten in sourdough is more easily digested because of the fermentation process, so you can eat all the crumpets you like. Happy baking

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