November 21, 2017




Have you ever thought about what influences have made you the type of traveller you are today? Ever since I was young, I’ve always been intrigued by fantastic food and the outdoors. I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel around the world and combine two of my favourite things.

In terms of where I choose to go, it’s all driven by my passion for nature and food.

I teamed up with Aussie travel site to share my story. Check out the video!

By travelling to places like the Great Barrier Reef and the city of Venice, I’ve learnt to appreciate and make the most of life right now; while my love for food has allowed me to experience the world whilst on the search for the best ingredients and inspiration.

Travelling to pursue our passions is a big thing for us Aussies, in fact, I’ve discovered from Wotif’s Wot’s Your Journey? Report, that over half of us do, with 24% of us making the trek for food!

I’m always thinking about where my work for Bondi Harvest will take me next. But for those fellow foodies who are looking for an amazing experience, check out my top five must-visit destinations.


There are not many places in the world where a bad meal is nowhere to be found, but Japan’s one of those places! I’ve been to Japan twice now and I really have become obsessed with the country and its food and culture. Around every corner and behind every door is a new culinary experience; everything is so tasty and prepared with such precision and respect.

Sweet, savoury, umami, salty, crunchy, and soft Japanese ingredients are in constant harmony using simultaneously some of the most out there and age-old techniques and ingredients.

The one meal that impressed me amongst copious amounts of ramen, gyoza and sushi was in Okinawa. Irabu Soup (Sea Snake soup!!). I’m not going to lie I was hesitant and a little scared at first; but it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. With a smoked and dried sea snake, pork hock and 5 different kinds of stock the recipe was totally in harmony, super delicious and is known anciently to have incredible health and healing properties.

There are just so many lessons to be learnt from Japanese culture, I can’t wait to go back again.


In a place like Italy, food is religion. It’s the heartbeat of the country guided by century old traditions which are tightly bound and connected to the changing seasons.

From the Mediterranean Sea, to the snow-capped Dolomite Mountains, Italy’s diversity in climate and environment each deliver a new delicacy, lesson and style of Italian cuisine. There is so much more to Italy’s culinary journey that just pizza and pasta, depending on where about in Italy you are. High up in the mountains you start to see polenta, buckwheat and more gamy meats such as rabbit and dear, along the coast it’s all about fresh light seafood, lemon and herbs.

My most recent trip to Italy took me from Friuli, all the way down to Bari, then across to the Amalfi Coast. We drove and caught trains around the country and although nothings ever seemed to be on time and the roads were crazy it’s the best way to see the country. Arrive with an empty stomach and Italy will blow you mind!


I studied French cooking during my apprenticeship so heading to France for the first time was a dream come true.

We flew into Paris and then Montpellier and drove for 3-hour south; I instantly fell in love! Every small town was completely self-sustained and connected to the season with shops, farmer and supplier all supporting each other. We experienced most divine breads, pastries, cheese, and cured meats with everything possible being made and produced locally. It was a beautiful reminder for me about how important food is in creating and sustaining communities. Much like Italy prepare yourself mentally and physically to eat and drink ALOT!

Australia | Tasmania

I would have to describe Tasmania as the unspoilt, secret culinary capital of Australia. It’s a place of raw untamed beauty and fertile land that lends itself to creating some of Australia’s (and the world’s!) best produce.

I was taken back how the Tassie farmers, winemakers and fisherman worked so closely with local chefs and restaurateurs to create a very similar culture and foods vibes to Italy and France- and the results, of course, are to die for.


I travelled to Spain two years ago whilst filming a series for Taste-Made.

Spain is the birthplace of Tapas; small bites designed to be shared and to start conversation over the perfect glass of Spanish wine. In Spain every meal becomes a social event to be shared with family, friends and the random person next to you. Walking through Barcelona the city’s energy is extremely infectious. People are always out on the streets with a glass of wine and a plate of Jamon, talking, dancing and have fun. I really understand why and how started tapas have taken the world by storm.


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