It’s just another superfood to add to the ever-expanding healthy pantry selection, or does this popular smoothie topper have some serious super duper cred? We did some digging…


Bee pollen is the food of the young bee.

It’s made when bees collect pollen from the stamen of flowers and mix it with their honey and the plants’ nectar, this process is what creates the super nutrient-packed bee pollen granules.

Check out these “can’t-argue-with-that” health benefits…

It’s high in protein

Bee pollen is made up of approximately 40% pure protein making it the richest source of animal origin protein, but also a perfect protein source for all our vegetarian buddies (jury is still out on whether it’s suitable for vegans).

It Supports immunity

Another positive to having a healthy gut is that it gets your immune system firing on all cylinders. Bee pollen is also thought to have antibiotic properties that may prevent you from getting sick.

It ‘s an Energy Booster

Bee pollen contains a range of nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins and B-complex vitamins that make it a supreme all natural energy enhancer. Try a sprinkle on your yoghurt instead of knocking back another coffee.

It relieves allergy sufferers

Bee pollen has been shown to be helpful for allergy sufferers by reducing histamine, which is exactly what over-the-counter allergy meds target. It’s particularly helpful for respiratory conditions like asthma, sinus problems, and hayfever. Just another case of “food be thy medicine”.

It’s a complete food

study comparing the effects of Prozac to curcumin found that curcumin was as effective as it’s prescription drug counterpart in treating depression.

It’s ideal for skin and bone health

Amino acids protect the regeneration of skin cells, tissue production, bone, and brain health and bee pollen contains at least 22 of them, including the nine essential ones.
Amino acids cannot be produced by the body, therefore, we need to get them from an available food source. Pop a  teaspoon of bee pollen in your smoothie and you’re sorted!

It ‘s Good for the gut

Bee pollen contains a bunch of enzymes that assist the breakdown of food in your gut and help you to actually absorb all of the nutrients you eat.
FYI – if your gut flora is out and your eating nutrient-dense food, it means diddly-squat because you won’t be able to absorb all of the nutrients. Just another reason to sort out your gut. 

It assists in weight loss

Not only is bee pollen low in calories, but it’s believed to eliminate cravings and work as an appetite suppressant due to the amino acid phenylalanine. Bee pollen also contains 15% lecithin. Lecithin is a substance that helps dissolve and flush fat from the body.

“Bee pollen is a nutritionally complete food that contains nearly all the nutrients required by humans.”


It’s good for the old ticker

Bee pollen contains antioxidant flavanoids that may help strengthen capillaries, blood vessels, assist with circulatory issues and help with cholesterol levels. It may also help prevent heart attack and stroke due to it’s reported anti-clotting abilities.


  • We love garnishing smoothies with it, but it tastes equally good blended through.
  • Sprinkle over porridge or cereal instead of honey.
  • Stir through your favourite yoghurt for an added nutritional boost.
  • Add it to salads or steamed greens for sweetness and texture.

Have you tried bee pollen?
What’s your favourite way to use it?

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