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April 9, 2020

Lamb Asado Recipe

Lamb Asado Recipe

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Jumping in the car and heading down south to a part of the country that guy would consider his stomping grounds, having grown up 20 minutes from where they cooked. This part of Australia has an abundance of state forests, a network of streams and dams, making it an adventure playground for chefs. Guys friend was Kind enough to let the boys light a fire and cook a whole lamb, straight from the farm, Will, whos farm it was, explaining to the boys how he uses his meat to trade with local farmers for fruit and vegetables, keeping the small community alive, something a little lost in today’s society. You are probably reading this, like “ I can’t cook a whole lamb and have nowhere to cook it”. Don’t worry, here we will not only describe the tricks, Guy and Taylor used while cooking this lamb, but how to replicate the recipe in your own home or on the bbq. We like everything to be relatable, while the boys took it to the next level, cooking a whole lamb over a fire south American style, the approach to cooking it inside should be the same, using dripping fat to glaze root vegetables, and sugar to caramelize the roast, optimizing that flavor, use everything, throw nothing. 

Your approach to the lamb being roasted should be this, no matter the roasting cut, E.g leg, or shoulder, Guy and Taylor believe spices and sugars are the key.

  •  bring the meat up to room temperature before starting to cook, if your meat is cold in the middle it will cook unevenly.
  • score the skin, this will stop the meat from shrinking and bending out of shape, also allowing to absorb more flavour.
  • Rub with spices and dark soft sugar, this will penetrate the meat, caramelising, releasing flavour throughout the cooking process.
  • Start high, cook low; having a really hot fire, oven or bbq to start the cooking process is essential, this sears the meat, sealing in all those juices and flavour. Once sealed, the heat should be reduced to cook lower for a longer time, allowing the meat to cook, tenderise and relax.
  • Once cooked rest; resting the meat allows all the muscle fibres to relax but also causes the meat to soak back up all those beautiful juices released from cooking.
  • Use the lamb fat for things like your potatoes, adding that extra flavour kick to the meal, 
  • You cooked it, cut off the crispiest most appetizing looking piece as your taste test, you earned it!

If cooking on a bbq like a Webber, always put a container or water, under the meat to catch the liquid and not dry our the meat, you can turn this into stock after, as you can see, Guy and Taylor took the opportunity to catch all of that flavour dripping off the meat, to cook their potatoes and shallots. Once rested, do the final seasoning, Taylor is seen squeezing mandarin juice over the meat, which was roasted in the coals before juicing, citrus is great to add flavour to meat after cooking, however too much will overpower and be too acidic, mandarins and grapefruit are great middle of the range acidity wise citrus fruits to use.

After 5 hours cooking a whole lamb, over a fire, the meat was falling off the bone, then cut up on a makeshift table, using a bit of wood and a bobcat to stabilize.  a few beers down, full bellies and smelling a little more smokey than before, the team hit the hay, ready for their next adventure towards the snow! Slowly getting colder, as they drive deeper south. You can enjoy this recipe with any roast vegetables, grains, or salad you like, here we have given you the perfect technique for roasting lamb!! Enjoy it.


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  • 1 lt coconut cream

  • 4 x 75 billion probiotic capsules

  • 1/2 tsp gur gum


  • Put all ingredients into a jar, seal with a lid and shake until completely mixed.

    Remove lid, cover the jar with a cloth and rubber band, leave it to sit over night at room temperature.

    The next day, replace the cloth with airtight lid, store in fridge

    It’s ready to eat and use now, but will taste its best after another day or two in the fridge

    The guar gum is to stop the yogurt from splitting, I’m a sucker for aesthetic, so don’t like to mix my yogurt each day for consistency, however, it is as easy as that.

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