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April 9, 2020

Campfire scrambled eggs

Campfire Scrambled Eggs

Sand 2 Snow Wild Chef

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The last day of filming and cooking for the sand to snow crew, Snow to ground level overnight, the site of kangaroos bouncing through the now white farmlands, Infiniti on snow mode and off to the national park, truffles acting as an air freshener for the car, what better thing to cook in the snow than the perfect Breakfast, scrambled eggs, sourdough, avocado, and prosciutto, heavily showered with fresh truffle in the cooling cast iron pan. The perfect scrambled eggs can be daunting in your own home, most people crawling out to their local cafe to get the fix they need, however, it’s easier than you think, with these tips and tricks, you can’t go wrong, especially when having a video to match.

Like Guy said “cook ’em low and slow” with butter, stir not too much, but enough to get the texture. It’s all about practice and patience, the discipline to follow the steps and a little instinct to go with it. Protein starts to set at 60 degrees celsius, as Eggs are just protein and fat, the pan does not have to be much hotter than that. Some people add cream or milk to the scramble mix, you will have a lighter style scramble with this method, while we know of some recipes where its just egg and butter, cooked slowly for about 10 minutes, we sort of land in the middle, no cream, a good chunk of butter, and about a 2-3 minute cooking time.

After hunting for a small secluded spot amongst the trees, enough shelter to light a fire, and enough canape coverage to ensure the snow was not too deep, the chefs got to work, toasting bread, cutting the avocado, cooking what is considered the best method for outdoor scrambled eggs, and finally making it rain with fresh Canberra truffles, the perfect last meal to an epic road trip, they created a strange snowman with a half avocado face, into a snowball fight to wrap things up. While the filming is over, the work is just beginning, with editing, cutting, recipe and blog writing, these guys know how to road trip, we hope you enjoyed the recipes, blog and video diaries to go with it, cheers for joining us on this epic adventure, we will leave you with a foolproof scrambled egg recipe, until next time! cheers

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  • 3x eggs

  • 50g butter

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Chives


    1. Preheat a heavy-based pan to medium heat, you want the butter to foam but not burn.
    2. Beat eggs with a fork until just combined, add salt, pepper, and chopped chives
    3. Put butter in the pan, as it foams and is just all melted pour in the eggs, 
    4. Move pan around a little and just pull the eggs away from the pan with a wooden spoon as they start to set
    5. once 80 percent cooked, remove the pan from heat, give the eggs one last stir and take out of the pan as they will keep cooking.
    6. We suggest you have everything you are going to have with the eggs ready and on the plate so you can top off with the eggs and serve immediately.
    7. If you have a fresh truffle, grate a much as you desire on the eggs, making then the best-scrambled eggs you have ever had!!

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