Yesterday we ran you through some of the more popular fermented foods. Today we uncover why they’re so highly regarded for their nutritional benefits and gut-nourishing properties.

1. They’re packed full of probiotics.

Probiotics play an integral part in balancing the levels of good bacteria in your gut, ensuring you have a healthy and fully functioning digestive system.

2. They help you absorb nutrients.

This is probably one of our favourite benefits of eating fermented foods. If you’re eating a healthy diet you’re off to a great start, but by simply introducing some fermented foods into each meal you increase the amount of nutrients that your body absorbs. Pretty neat huh?

3. Fermentation cuts the sugar content of foods.

It’s actually the sugar in vegetables, and in the case of kombucha the sugar that you add in, that actually kicks off the fermentation process. So essentially the sugars are being eaten away.

4. They help boost immunity.

Did you know that the gut is considered to be one of the largest immune organs in the body?  So when your gut flora is unbalanced you’re more likely to get sick, and are more prone to inflammatory diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

5. They make food more digestible.

When eaten with other foods, fermented foods actually break down the hard to digest cellulose in food making it easier to digest. Eating fermented foods with raw foods like salad is always a great idea.

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