What do you think of our new Bondi Harvest Smoothies series. Quick and straight to the point right?

What are some of your favourite smoothie combos? Share them in the comments below.

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  • Denise French says:

    Your recipes are phenomenal!! Tonight for dinner i made your butterflied chicken with the jerk marinade and apple salsa with you energy balls for a tasty treat throughout the week!! I cant believe how good your recipes are! They ate so fresh and all the flavors really compliment and really stimulate your palate!! My chefs hat is off!! Im only missing that beautiful aussie beach.. My belly is satisfied but im still green with envy! Please keep posting. Your actsent is super adorable too.

  • Elio Delgado says:

    The smoothie looks amazing, I bet it tastes amazing with the coconut flakes!

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