Top 5 BBQ Tricks By Bondi Harvest !

Note: The quality of your bbq and or the coals you use will make all the difference both with the flavour and how your produce cooks.

If you’re driving the BBQ this Australia Day and you really want to impress your mates with an epic cook up then we’ve got you covered. Once you’ve learnt these 5 tips to the perfect BBQ you’ll be a pro we promise 

YEW ! 



Primal cuts and lean meat – lean cuts of meat like tenderloin, kangaroo and the majority of seafood have a much lower fat content. Due to this low level of fat these cuts will dry out a lot quicker on the BBQ. To truly master cooking these lean cuts they should be cooked for a lesser amount of time and are better-eaten Rare – Medium Rare.

Secondary cuts and tough meat – tougher, heartier cuts of meat like brisket, ribs and shank have a higher fat content, more tendon and sinew. Treated properly it’s the fat, tendon and sinew that gives these tougher cuts a superior flavour, if they’re cooked correctly and treated right.

Secondary cuts need more love, they need to be cooked slower, lower and for a longer period of time. It’s this love and time over a gentler heat that render down fat, breakdown tendon and sinew into a delicious gelatinous bomb of flavour.



When it comes to BBQ heat, there’s two different kinds that you need to master. it’s time to learn the difference between; direct and in-direct heat.

Direct – heat is directly over the flame or closest to the charcoals, this is where you’ll get the majority of your caramelisation, colour and sear from.

In-Direct – Is off to the side and is a more gentle heat that is transferring from the direct side of the BBQ. It’s perfect for slowly finishing off your steak, vegetables and or for even cooking delicate ingredients like prawns, fish and kangaroo. 



Cooking meat on high heat will result in the proteins contracting and tightening. It’s these contractions that squeeze the juices towards the center of your cut of meat distributing them unevenly throughout. 

Resting your meat after its been cooked allows the protein to relax, creating space for the meat juices and flavor to redistribute evenly throughout, resulting in an evenly cooked more tender and delicious meal.



If you’re after the perfect BBQ then its essential to GET IT HOT, fire that beast up early.  If your using gas then fire it up at the very least 20 minutes before you need to cook. If your rocking it old school and using coal then give yourself more time. You’ll need at least 30-40 minute to get both those coals and griddle hot. 

Heat – Every time you place a steak, cauliflower or piece of fish onto the BBQ it strips away heat from the griddle or plate. Pre-heating your BBQ ensures there’s always enough heat to cook, color and char your food properly.

Colour – Equals flavor so if you don’t pre-heat your BBQ’s and its to cold you’ll never have enough heat to get that sexy restaurant caramelization and crust.

Non Sticking – If your meat is constantly sticking on the BBQ then there’s a great chance your griddle or plate isn’t hot enough. A hot BBQ not only delivers a delicious looking crust and flavour it also prevent your meat from sticking. 



“You are what you eat” is a philosophy that is all encompassing !

Whether you’re smoking, charring or slow cooking when it comes to BBQ’ing the quality of your ingredients makes all the difference. Buy Grass fed beef, fresh local sustainable seafood, organic free-range chicken and vegetables. These quality ingredients are better for the environment, your health and best of all they have a hell of a lot more flavour, it’s a win all around.

Guy Turland

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