Hannah Saul
is a self-professed beach bum

Hannah Saul is a glam-bassador for the Aussie modelling industry, muse for young women in the health and fitness industry and a good mate of Bondi Harvest (Guy and Hannah were once roomies).

We caught up with Hannah for this week’s Harvest Hangs, to sucker punch the myth that models eat nothing but lettuce leaves and Diet Coke. This girl loves her food… as long as it’s packed full of veggies!

What’s a typical food day in the life of Hannah Saul (warts and all)?

I’m always on the run in the mornings so breakfast is usually a smoothie –Evolve lipo whey protein, banana, mixed berries, honey, psyllium husk, almonds, oats, chia seeds, LSA and coconut water. (Unless it’s the weekend and I like to treat myself to a cooked breakfast or a big serving of French Toast or Pancakes stacked with delicious toppings).

It’s always different as I am always out and about, I try to keep it simple. Tuna salad or chicken or turkey salad wrap with a large fresh juice.

Chicken and steamed veggies!

As a health and fitness model nourishing yourself with the right foods is vital, what are your non-negotiable ingredients in the kitchen?

Coconut oil, loads of fresh fruit and vegetables and organic chicken breast.

Staying active is a big part of your day, what’s your favourite post workout meal?

I always start my day with my workout so my post workout meal is usually my breakfast smoothie! Protein is great for muscle repair and recovery and carbohydrates help replenish energy stores!

If you wanted to impress someone with a home cooked meal what would you make them?

Apparently I make a mean lasagne…. Mmm cheese & carbs haha!

Desert Island. Three foods. Go…

Watermelon. Seafood. Coconuts.

What dish is your behind-closed-doors guilty pleasure?

Strawberries dripping in warm melted chocolate (um hello yum!).

What recipe would you be keen to see Bondi Harvest tackle?

Is there such thing as a healthy Banoffee Pie? I’d love to see that or the ultimate sangria…Either of those would make me a super happy kid. (Great suggestions Hannah. Check out our Mulled Wine recipe in the meantime).

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