There wasn’t really a single moment when Ben Lucas decided to take on fitness as a carer, but the rest, as they say is history

I was lucky enough to play top-level rugby league in Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand. I also earned my stripes in Rugby Union, Basketball and in Athletics.

Having spent so much time around professional athletes and professional trainers it became clear to me what separated those who achieved their goals and those who did not.

1. What’s a typical food day in the life of benny?

I set up the day with a good breakfast – poached eggs, avocado, spinach and bacon. For lunch I’m usually in meetings, so I grab some sashimi and spinach to keep it light. I have dinner at home with my beautiful wife Talitha and dog Wilbur – we are both trying to expand our cooking repertoire and we take turns in cooking for each other. It’s generally around meat and vegetables/salad. I like to think I’m the king of the BBQ.

2. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into fitness?

I left high school to make it big as a Rugby League player. As I was trying to crack it in the big league, I was working in fitness to pay the rent. I realized I enjoyed helping other people with their fitness goals, so I hung up the boots in my early 20’s to focus on a fitness career. Flow Athletic is the fourth gym I’ve owned.

3. Staying active is a massive part of your day, what’s your favourite post workout meal?

Simple. Avocado on toast.

4. How does’ Flow Athletic Gym and your approach to training differ from other gyms and PT’s out there?

Flow came about as a result of me starting yoga while training for an ultra marathon. There I met Kate Kendall, one of Australia’s top yogis. I started training her. I felt the yoga really helped my athletic pursuits. Kate found the strength and fitness work improved her yoga. Together we had a vision of a business that combined Yoga, fitness and strength training. So it’s a yoga studio, cycling studio and strength studio all under one roof.

5. In your opinion how much of an impact does food have on athletic performance and recovery?

Think of the body like a car. You put in crappy petrol, it won’t perform to its optimum.

6. Everyone has their go to meal when they’re trying to impress someone special, what’s yours?

The first time I had Talitha and her mother over, I cooked salmon on the BBQ. That wasn’t great, but our marriage is.

7. What dish or ingredients is your cheat day Treat?

Secretly and quite disgustingly, a glass of ice cold milk filled to the brim with chocolate chip cookies. The cookies soften and I eat them with a spoon. Then drink the rest. You’ll thank me.

8. What recipe would you like to see Bondi Harvest tackle?

I love the pulled lamb. But what about a healthy schnitty?

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