Lola Berry is
an Aussie nutrition-ista with heart

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this girl in the flesh, on the TV, in her YouTube vids or in one of her cookbooks (next one out in Feb), then you’re missing out.

Good health, good food and living a bloody good life are the kinds of stuff that get Lola excited.
She believes, much like us, the most nutritious, healthy food is also the tastiest. Yeew!

What’s a typical day in the life of Lola Berry ?

Honestly, it changes every single day!

But it always involved some kind of nature hang, you see biophilia is my favourite word and it means the healing power of mother nature, so I get out in nature whenever i can. At the moment i’m working on a book and product so there’s lots of book editing, and meetings.

I love filming too, i mean that’s when time stops for me, so i’m often filming something, either for TV or for online, i love it all!

You are one passion-fuelled nutrition-ista. Where does all that passion for healthy living stem from?

I used to be the complete opposite. I was a DJ and partying loads, then I went on a summer detox and started to realise how good i could feel.

My best mate suggested I study nutrition and even though i thought i wasn’t smart enough, I did it anyway. Sure, I failed a few subjects along the way, but one morning I woke up and I was like” i’ll be the Steve Irwin of fruits and veggies”.

What are your five top non-negotiable pantry staples?

1. Extra virgin olive oil, but get the Aussie stuff. It’s got more polyphenols in it, which means you can heat it higher than most other EVOO without going rancid.
2. Coconut oil. I use this in the pantry and the bathroom.
3. Chillies. Umm, addicted!
4. Pink salt. I use so much of it, plus it’s kind of like the Rolls Royce of salt.
5. Sauerkraut. I pretty much eat this stuff every day. It makes my tummy feels so good.

Desert Island. Three foods. Go…

Coconut water, salmon and avocados.

What dish/ingredient is your behind-closed-doors guilty pleasure?

I’m a sucker for sweet things. I love making my Paleo Banana Bread, then toasting it, popping macadamia nut oil on top, a few slithers of narnie (banana), cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup. (holy yum)

What recipe would you be keen to see Bondi Harvest tackle?

The raw banoffee pie  from The 20/20 Diet Cookbook… it’s epic!!

If you wanted to impress someone with a home cooked meal what would you make them?

Crispy Salmon and Charlies Salad from The 20/20 Diet Cookbook. It’s this really simple avocado salad with extra crispy salmon!

Infectious! We reckon that’s the best way to describe Lola Berry.

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