Lauren Hannaford is a high-flying elite gymnast who is flipping the world of fitness on it’s head.

With over 20 years in gymnastics and coaching, this Sydney-Based personal trainer has spent most of her life flying through the air or walking on her hands.

Her dream is to see everyone walking around on their hands instead of their feet.
We first stumbled across Lauren on Instagram. Her fit-spo account has attracted over 29k followers and continues to grow. We caught up with this high flying gymnast/trainer to find out what kind of fuel is required for all that hand standing, back flipping and high flying.

1. What’s a typical food day in the life of Lauren Hannaford (warts and all)?

First thing
2 glasses of water while I’m getting organised for my morning workout. I’ll sometimes have a double nespresso before I train.

After training
I have an Isowhey Sports post workout refuel drink and a banana.

Mid morning
If I have the time I will make myself a piece of soy and linseed toast with spinach, tomato, avocado and a poached egg… sometimes I’ll sneak in some grilled haloumi as well 🙂

2 chicken rice paper rolls and an apple. Or sometimes I’ll make a big salad.

Afternoon snack
I am always starving by 5pm no matter what, but so I don’t ruin my din dins I will have a protein smoothie to get me by and maybe some almonds.

It varies all the time but last night I had grilled lamb and a green bean salad with baby potatoes, spinach, pine nuts, beetroot and crumbled feta.

Last night I had 2 double coated Tim Tams! But usually I’ll just have an orange and some grapes or a pear.

2. As a health and fitness professional nourishing yourself with the right foods is vital, what are your non-negotiable ingredients in the kitchen?

As much as i would love to create awesome meals and recipes all the time, I am not in the kitchen as much as I would like to be. It is all about healthy snacks for me than can be used as a grab and go or can be put into a meal if I have the time.
Veggies veggies veggies : carrots, cucumbers, celery, capsicum. All the easy cut-up-and-throw-into-a-container kind of veggies that can also be used for stir fries.
Fruit is another big one. : Oranges, grapes, apples, bananas.
Coconut water.

3. Staying active is a big part of your day, what’s your favourite post workout meal?

Yes, being active is a huge part of my daily routine so post workout I love some scrambled eggs on sourdough with a side of avocado. If i don’t have time i like to whip up a choc-banana protein smoothie. Either one is YUMMMM!

4. If you wanted to impress someone with a home cooked meal what would you make them?

Hmmmm, I’m not sure if my cooking would ever impress,  but the other night I did cook a delicious piece of cooked salmon dressed with dill, cucumber and yoghurt. And served it with a smorgasbord of different tapas style vegetable dishes . Not sure if I impressed anyone else, but I thought it tasted good!

5. What dish/ingredient is your behind-closed-doors guilty pleasure?

Oh my, I have so many. There is this devilish sweet tooth in the back of mouth somewhere that i am constantly trying to keep quiet.

Let’s go with baked apple and rhubarb crumble with vanilla bean ice cream… or maybe just plain and simple Cadbury chocolate. See what i mean that tooth is talking to me again!

6. Desert Island. Three foods. Go…

Bananas, watermelon and sourdough bread.

7. What recipe would you be keen to see Bondi Harvest tackle?

With it moving out of summer and into the colder months, maybe a lamb stew… I could never go past my Nan’s lamb stew. Just the word ‘stew’ is warm and comforting!

Keen to connect with Lauren