A caveat:
Dylan is a big dude who trains hard!

In today’s Harvest Hangs we catch up with our good mate Dylan Rivier who runs Personal Training biz Built by Dylan to ask him how integral good nutrition is for athletic performance.

Ever since he was a boy Dylan has been fascinated by the physical and mental changes humans go through as a result of exercise and diet and of the past 10 years he’s been involved in helping others on their journey to a better place through training.

1. What’s a typical food day in the life of Dylan Rivier (warts and all)?

The below daily food intake is not for your average Joe who trains 4-5 times a week.

First Breakfast
Porridge or muesli with a banana and a protein shake first thing in the morning before my early sessions.

Second Breakfast
About 10am I’ll have my favourite meal – second brekkie! It typically consists of 1/2 a dozen eggs, half an avocado, a couple of rashers of bacon and beans (If I’m lucky).

I’ll have a couple of tuna or ham & salad sandwiches or chicken with rice & veggies.

After lunch is typically when I train so I’ll have a pre-workout drink (which contains at least 50% magic) and a banana for a little extra energy then afterwards I’ll smash a post workout shake which is 2:1 carbs to protein.

Depending on how late I finish and how good my nutrition was throughout the day I could be eating anything from pasta to stir fry to steak to salad. AND I DRINK PLENTY OF WATER ALL DAY!

2. Pre and post workout food is a confusing topic for a lot of people. What are your favourite pre and post workout meals?

My ideal pre-workout meal is quality carbs, lean protein, healthy fats and fluids.
For me my favourite is a couple of soy & linseed bread ham and salad sandwiches. I’m lucky in that I don’t have any gluten sensitivity though so bread isn’t an issue.

Post workout you need protein again for muscle synthesis but for me and the type of training I do, I need to replenish my carbohydrate stores typically with a carb heavy shake.

3: In your opinion how much of an impact does food have on athletic performance?

Food has a huge impact on athletic performance whether you’re training for a marathon, entering a bodybuilding comp or simply walking to work in the morning. The food you eat today will have a profound effect on how you feel TOMORROW.

4. What’s your opinion on protein shakes? Are they for everyone?

Protein shakes are great if you’re training and or physically active day to day. Your body needs protein to help build and replenish muscle stores. I like protein shakes because they’re quick, easy and convenient. But be careful of ones that have a lot of sugar!

5. Desert Island. Three foods. Go…

Spaghetti bolognaise, never ending tub of protein (just because I’m stuck on an Island doesn’t mean I’m not training!) and ham and salad sandwiches.

6. What dish/ingredient is your behind-closed-doors guilty pleasure?

Chocolate. Definitely chocolate.

7. What recipe would you be keen to see Bondi Harvest tackle?

After the success of my last attempt at a Bondi Harvest recipe (pavlova and yes it was delicious) – more desserts please!

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