Caroline Groth is a health and fitness enthusiast most recognisable for her blog Greener Resolutions.

It was a cancer diagnosis a few years backs that turned Caroline’s life around and kick started the holistic healthy lifestyle that she leads today.

Her hope is to inspire others to live a healthy, sustainable & mindful lifestyle and it’s for that very reason that we invited her for a chat as part of Harvest Hangs.

1. What’s a typical food day in the life of Caroline Groth (warts and all)?

Post workout
A vegan high protein powder mixed with water or almond milk.

2 eggs or tofu scrambled with turmeric and basil along with fresh, raw vegetables or protein porridge with fresh berries, banana, raw almonds & coconut cream

Rice paper rolls with tofu & veggies, or a large green salad with tuna or vegetarian laksa.

Vegetable frittata with a zucchini ribbon salad, vegetable stir-fry w/ bean vermicelli or an Asian-inspired salad with satay tempeh or tofu.

Let’s be honest – a few nights a week I have three scoops from Gelato Messina.

You should’ve figured out by now that I always eat. My snacks are usually nuts, carrots with unhulled tahini, brown rice crackers, bliss-balls or dark chocolate along with fresh fruit.

2. As an advocate of healthy living and healing through whole foods, what are your kitchen non-negotiables.

Believe it or not, as much as I love to cook and create new recipes, I don’t often have much time on my hands – my schedule is packed most days, and so I need simple ingredients that can double up and are easy to whip something amazing out of. A few of my staples are:
For dips, salad-dressings and from eating out of the jar with cut veggies.

Fresh vegetables
Easy to eat the way they are or chop up and throw together for a stir-fry

Fresh bananas and apples
My blood-sugar dips quite easily so I always carry a banana & apple in my bag. No joke – test me the next time you see me.

Nourishing supplements
>I have recently started on the RAW vegan supplement range. I don’t eat much meat so I want to make sure I still get my hit of protein and other crucial vitamins my body needs to function at its best.

Almond milk & amp; coconut cream/water
Whether it’s in my scrambles, protein drinks, smoothies or porridge – I’ll try and include this in my day somehow.

3. Staying active is a big part of your day, what’s your favourite post workout meal?

I tend to exercise in the morning before work, and because I don’t actually eat until I get into the office I opt for a post-workout protein drink or mix together a smoothie of spinach, mango, banana, turmeric, probiotics supplement, green super powder & coconut water to help my muscle-recovery.

4. Desert Island. Three foods. Go…

Avocado, eggs, poached salmon.. Mmmm, breaky right there!

5. What dish/ingredient is your behind-closed-doors guilty pleasure?

GELATO MESSINA. And Danish Haribo sweets.

6. If you wanted to impress someone with a home cooked meal what would you make them?

Uh, this is a tough one! Breakfast is my favourite meal (preferably served in bed) and I don’t think I have disappointed (yet). I make a pretty mean kale-skillet ‘bake’. It’s basically kale, roasted capsicum, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, turmeric, basil and two eggs in a skillet served with a side of sourdough & avocado. It sounds basic, but it’s mind-blowing!

7. What recipe would you be keen to see Bondi Harvest tackle?

Would love to see Bondi Harvest get cracking on some delicious, flavoursome vegan dishes.
We actually have heaps of vegan dishes in our bank of recipes. You can check them out here

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