Food To Die For

Travel the globe in search of the deadliest delicacies

series created by Bondi Harvest for Tastemade Network & Facebook watch, We travel across the globe to meet the people who have made it their lives’ work to brave the sea, the cliffs, and the jungles to forage for the most dangerous ingredients in the world

Follow Chef Guy Turland on dangerous journey to deliciousness

Goose Neck Barnacles | Food To Die For Ep 01

Chef Guy Turland braves the rocky coastline of Portugal to collect the truly wild and valuable crustacean known as the gooseneck barnacle, but harvesting this delicacy is no easy feat.

Abalone in Tasmania | Food To Die For Ep 02

Guy travels to the Southern tip of Tazmania to brave icy cold waters, dangerous ocean currents and shark infested waters in search of the world’s best culinary delicacy, abalone.

Barramundi in Croc infested water | Food To Die For Ep 03

Guy heads to one of the most remote regions in Australia to catch the highly sought after wild Barramundi fish. But first, he’ll have to make his way through waters filled with crocodiles, sharks and venomous fish.

Poisonous Stone Fish, Philippines | Food To Die For Ep 04

The Philippines is home to more aquatic species than anywhere on Earth, but hiding in the ocean shadows and coral reef is one of the most dangerous ingredients in the world — the stone fish. Covered with needle sharp spines filled with deadly poison, one wrong step could mean death within the hour. Follow Guy as he travels to Marinduque Island, where local divers risk their lives to catch this scary, yet sweet delicacy.

Deadly Sea Snakes | Food To Die For Ep 05

The black-banded sea krait, also know as irabu by the locals, tastes like a mix of between tuna and smoky jerky. Found in the warm cave waters of Kudaka Island, just off of the main island of Okinawa, this dangerous Japanese delicacy is 10 times more venomous than a cobra, and one bite in the wrong place could mean death within minutes. Known as island’s sacred animal, it’s believed that eating irabu is the secret to a longer life, and was once only reserved for royalty. Follow as Guy enters dark carves with nearly no protective gear and two snake hunters that are far from what you’d expect.


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