Bondi Harvest

Summer cooking at its best.

New episodes every Mon 7:30pm

SBS Foodnetwork Australia

Welcome to Bondi Harvest. A cooking show set right here on the best beach in the world, Bondi Beach. Local chef, surfer and free diver Guy Turland opens the door to his unique beachside life to share some of his favourite seasonal recipes.

Bondi Harvest is a cooking show where healthy food choices are made with flavour first and are always fresh, local and simple.


Every episode gives you 3 epic Bondi Harvest recipes that will be your go-to summer flavours!

Episode 1

A day in the life

Guy takes us on a typical day in this beach side paradise,

and even gets time to go for a diving with local diving

legend Ian (Pucko) Puckeridge to see what kind of food

is living right off the shoreline.


Episode 2

Summer Specials


It’s summertime so Guy creates some of his favourite

recipes capturing those laid back summer vibes.

Episode 3

Quick and Easy 

it’s all about making good food and good choices quick and easy

Episode 4

Summer Vibes !

It’s Recipe Testing Time ! 

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