the kimberley

Let me put it this way – if you ever want to truly experience something extraordinary then book your flight, drive across this oversized island, hitchhike – whatever – just get yourself to the Kimberley for a life changing holiday.

OK – I know – that’s a pretty big claim.
But after 8 days of jaw dropping helicopter flights, and walks and feasts – I can not say enough about a part of Australia that SHOULD be seen.

Here are 5 things to do when you get there!

1. Sunset at cable beach

Whether you ride a camel or not – the view is unbelievable.
The sun setting over the ocean brings people from far and wide, they set up with a beverage at low tide and soak it in.

2. Helicopter flight over the Bungle Bungles

From the air it’s incredible … or Walking into cathedral gorge and singing at the top of your lung.

  • It’s the only place on earth where the unique beehive formations occur
  • It’s UNESCO World Heritage listed
  • It’s a sacred place with sections forbidden to the public because of their significance – like the secret garden gorge – you apparently have to crawl through a tunnel to get to it… but you’re not allowed!! Which is pretty awesome.

3. El Questro Station


  • swimming in waterholes
  • zebede hot springs
  • the turquoise pool
  • and walking into Emma Gorge

All within close proximity there is also great accommodation, and a good restaurant so it’s the perfect combination.
(There is also a great camping spot in town too. And when I say town – I mean the station is SO big that there is a township in it!)

4. Mitchell Falls

When you see photos the scale just doesn’t translate (although – if you look closely at my photo you can see our legend guide Scott Connell from Kimberley Spirit standing right at the top of the falls.

Not only can you lazy the day away in the river (above the falls – salty are know to live below), the Mitchell Plateau is home to some of Australia’s most important Aboriginal art sights and all you need to do is go for a walk to find them.

5. Kununurra

This time of year Kununurra is home to the Kimberley moon festival.
This year Megan Washington, Dan Sultan and the Living End played an epic concert!

So, now you know! Get out and give the Kimberley a look – its well worth it.

Note: Marks trip was sponsored by Tourism Western Australia. Marks words are his own.