Bondi Harvest travelled to Milan to put on a few cooking demos in Etihad pavilion as part of the Milan Food Expo.

Crazy thing, we had just landed, still feeling upside down with jet-lag and the heat, crossing the street to indulge in our first spritz when a man on a scooter stopped, jumped off his bike and handed Guy a cell phone… wtf!

it was serious Jason Bourne shit. Turned out to be a dude we knew through another Bondi local. Yew!

We brought our fresh healthy and local approach, just like our Australian beach café serves, so lets see how it all goes down at the Milan food expo.

Here are a few of the things we learnt while in Milan…

i. Milan is hot in July- it was a heat wave but holy cow
ii. For a food expo there really wasn’t enough food
iii. In our mind there is no place for brands like Coke a cola at a future of food expo
v. Some countries are doing amazing things, others aren’t

Milan was lots of fun though and we were shown around by Irene an ex Bondi Local who is now a local Milan restaurateur

5 things to do in Milan during a Heat wave

  1. Start early with the a super juice from juice bar shop (or rather window shop) through Galleria Vittorio Emanuele before hitting the duomo.
  2. Have a middle nap
  1. Head to the canals for the best atmosphere, a young crowd and lots of aperitif
  2. Drink spritz (anytime is a good time for spritz)
  3. Eat late – we are talking 10pm or later!