We have been travelling all over lately (and we’ll be telling you all about the epic travel stories soon) but our latest edition of Bondi Harvest on Assignment is from the incredibly beautiful Islands of Fiji.

This is going to sound weird – but for me Fiji has always been up there a few hours away on a plane, and yeah a holiday would be nice, but it has never been on my immediate hit list. Until now…

My week in Fiji and exploring a few of the islands was an experience that not only has me looking for more flights, but completely took me by surprise.

From the warmth of the people…

… to the colour of the water, a holiday in Fiji ticks so many boxes it’s hard to truly pinpoint the best part.

So here is a list of 5 things that make a trip to Fiji worth putting on the top on your bucket list…

1. Fiji time – It’s a real thing.

If you need a break from the daily grind, reset your watch to Fiji time – days are slower, work seems further away, stress just melts away. Fiji should workout a way to bottle it!

2. Bula!

I think you would be hard-pressed to find a happier population on earth. Everyone you meet is ready to welcome you with the biggest smile and a open hearted Bula (hello)!

3. Blue Water – Understatement!

The colour of the water in Fiji is like nothing I have ever seen. from turquoise to electric blue and everything in between. The water on Fiji is beyond compare.

4. Kava tea

Kava is a root broken down into a tea that the locals drink. It has some kind of medicinal qualities (although it just made my tongue numb). When you visit a local village you will get a chance to experience an official welcome with the chief. There are a series of rules that involve clapping and drinking (sounds a bit like a drinking game if you ask me). But experiencing cultural events like this are always something I seek out.

5. Reef

There is so much more to Fiji – like some of the best white water rapids in the southern hemisphere, and resort pools that would make your jaw drop but for me the last highlight of my time in Fiji would be the reefs. With clarity like I have never experienced and a plethora of fish, coral and colours available the snorkeling and diving is as good as I have seen. Particularly the reef off Tokoriki island provided some of the best snorkeling on the trip.

So come to Fiji, say Bula and spend some Fiji-time checking out the insalnely beutiful blue water and reefs and maybe have a few Kavas with the super friendly locals. Yew!

Mark was a guest of Sheraton Hotels & Resorts at Sheraton Resort & Spa, Tokoriki Island.