episode 5:
bondi beach

Wow! What an epic five weeks it’s been sharing our road trippin’ adventure with you as we travelled from Bells Beach in Victoria up through New South Wales and home to Bondi Beach, where today’s episode concludes.

If you missed the rest of the series you can catch up on Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4.

We’ve travelled all around the world, but this definitely goes on the list of one of our favourite trips. It shows how truly epic our own backyard is, and that it doesn’t take much effort (or cash) to be able to experience it!

Our favourite moment? Probably the rope swings in Bowral, it took a few years away from where Guy grew up to truly appreciate how flippin’ magical that place is. Oh, and catching lobsters was pretty amazing too!

The last episode in our Bells to Bondi series sees us back in sunny Bondi for a somewhat crowded surf, a coffee from Guy’s North Bondi cafe, the Depot (and a hug from Mum), then an epic swim off the North Bondi rocks with local legend Dane Ellevsen aka The Healthy Tradie.

We also squeezed in this delicious sweet breakfast of mouthwatering Banana and Buckwheat Crepes with Strawberry Citrus Salad, back at Guy’s pad.
Holy deliciousness!

We hope you enjoyed our Bells to Bondi series with Bonds and Bondi Harvest, we sure enjoyed making it and delivering it to you each week.

We’d like to finish by wishing Bonds a happy 100th birthday! Here’s to another 100 years in Bonds chestys and tighty-whities. Yew!

you can catch the full recipe for the Banana and Buckwheat Crepes here