episode 3: Beechworth

Hey! This is Episode 3 of our Bells to Bondi road trip with Bonds. If you missed Episode 1 and Episode 2 we recommend watching them first.

We kicked off our day catching up with Steve a fourth generation bee keeper from Beechworth Honey, who took us on a tour of the Beechworth sampling room, and insisted we try ALL of the flower honeys so we did … twice. So delicious!

Beechworth are passionate about keeping the honey trade alive and well in Australia so are doing their bit by educating consumers. With increasing environmental threats to our agricultural lands and environment, honeybee pollination is required to ensure the highest possible yields and quality from crops and the maximisation of returns from agricultural inputs.

We learnt a bunch of really interesting facts about cross pollination and how the plant and flowers from which the bees grab pollen has an enormous impact on the flavour of the honey. And you know what? You can totally taste the difference.

If you’re in this neck of the woods, we highly recommend taking part in a Beechworth experience tour and learning more about honey production and the importance of bees and beekeepers to the broader pollination of our food supply.

Ever wondered what happens when you toss your apple core out the car window? Apple trees! Now that’s the right kind of littering. The mountain roads were covered in apple trees, and we couldn’t resist foraging a few sweet morsels for our next big cook-up. There is nothing like the taste of a freshly picked apple. It makes you realise how sub-standard some of our supermarket produce really is!

After our sweet (get it) visit to Beechworth we headed over the Snowy Mountains towards the coast.
Our next stop was Kosciuszko National Park, and while Will practiced some of the tips he picked up Eildon Trout Farm, Guy took the opportunity to smoke one of our catches from the day before… and lucky he did.

We had a big night of driving a head of us. We drove until 2am the next morning to get us to the deep South Coast so we could start the next day with an epic surf at Murrimbula… and by epic we mean we hung around for a good 4 hours. Yeew!

You can catch the full recipe for Honey Stewed apples here

And what better way to finish of a killer surf than with a freshly picked apple and Beechworth Honey brekkie.
This is one of those brekkies that looks super impressive and sounds like it’s going to take forever, but is literally in your bowl ready to devour in less than 15 minutes.

Check back next week for Episode 4 of our Bells to Bondi road trip where we head to Bowral in the New South Wales Southern Highlands, to check out where Guy and Will grew up!