episode 2:
lake eildon

Episode 2 of our Bells to Bondi series, took us to Lake Eildon for a spot of fishing.

If you missed Episode 1 where we picked up our Kombi, Applejack, surfed at Bells Beach and went diving for lobsters, you can watch it here.

After a huge morning surfing Bells and diving for Lobsters we headed north to Lake Eildon situated in the picturesque Goulburn Valley  (about 2 hours drive from Melbourne).

So, it turns out Guy’s not the most stylish of fisherman (or the most patient). So after catching a whole lotta nothin’ (and playing plenty of surfboard air guitar), we headed to a local trout farm where we were told a catch was guaranteed.

Eildon Trout Farm is a “catch and keep” farm suitable for all levels of fisherman, aka rookies like Guy and more experienced (and patient folk) like Will.

This farm is the epitome of sustainable fishing. Their ‘catch and keep’ policy is more than a philosophy, it’s a rule. You MUST keep what you catch.
Did you know that 25% of trout and salmon die from fishing hook injury and stress if they are released back after a catch?

After a massive day surfing Bells, diving for crays and then driving a few long hours to Lake Eildon we were exhausted and thankfully the fellas let us camp out the back of the trout farm.

To repay their hospitality we whipped up an epic feast using one of the gorgeous trout that we caught.

Tune in next week for our trip to Beechworth honey, and find out what the amazing morsels are that we pick up from the side of the road…

You can catch the full recipe for Smoked Trout here