episode 1:
great ocean road

100 years! That’s how long Aussies have been rockin’ iconic Bonds apparel.

Whether you’re a brief or boxers man, a bikini or boy shorts babe, or you can’t find a singlet better fitted than a good ol’ chesty bonds, there’s no denying that Bonds has been a part of everyone’s under garment history.

To celebrate Bonds 100 year anniversary Bondi Harvest teamed up with the Aussie icon for an epic road trip from Bells Beach in Victoria to our home, Bondi Beach, stopping off at some of our favourite towns along the way including Guy’s hometown of Bowral (appears we’ve got a thing with towns that start with the letter ‘B’).

Guy took along his mate (and fellow chef) Will for the ride, and of course Applejack the pimping Kombi that we picked up from Hire a Kombi. By the end of the trip we didn’t want to give him back (Applejack not Will).

In Episode 1 of this five part series:

  • Find out the only three things that get Guy out of bed in the morning…
  • Guy pops his Bells Beach cherry after his first surf there EVER. He was pretty stoked. Bucket list tick!
  • We whip up a super tasty post-surf frittata on the beach.
  • We explore the Great Ocean Road and go diving with our mate, Big Pete, to catch crayfish from a secret cave.

In the next episode of Bells to Bondi with Bonds and Bondi Harvest we go fishing at Lake Eildon in Victoria, explore a trout farm with one of the locals and cook up an epic dish with Episode 1’s crayfish and a beauty from Episode 2. Yeew!

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