6 tricks to beat jet lag

Flying form Australia to well, anywhere else in the world means you become very good at two things, long hall flights and battling jet lag .

Lets start with the basics, what is Jet lag ?

Our bodies are designed and programmed to do a number of routines such as Wake. Eat and Sleep throughout a 24 hour period. These natural built in routines are called circadian rhythms, when we fly through and to different time zones these routines get thrown into disarray.

Jet lag is the symptom of our body trying to re-centre itself with the new time zone, Some common symptoms and signs of jetlag are; Loss off appetite, fatigue, indigestion, memory and concentration issues and problems sleeping. Jetlag affects everyone differently and can last anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the time difference and person.

Get Active

It sounds completely counter productive but as soon as I land anywhere, the first thing I do is get a coffee ha ha and then get active. It doesn’t have to be a hard-core workout, just a light run or some yoga to get the blood pumping, your body moving and those endorphins flowing.

The Sun

Get yourself outdoors and into direct sunlight the Vitamin D and light helps to reset your body clock lessening the effects and symptoms of jet lag.


Get them in you, Vitamins & minerals like C, B, Spiralina in the morning can be the difference between lasting the day and falling asleep at lunch. After a long flight your tired and your immune system lower, Vitamins will also help keep your immune system high and help fend off any nasty bugs.


After a long flight from the other side of the world, my mind is buzzing from the plane engines and my eyes square from the small LED movie screen. It’s time to cool it down, before I fall asleep I spend atlas 10 minutes meditating, calming the body and mind and re attaching myself to where I am, what time it is.

Sleepy + Drinks Food

And I’m not talking about whisky and tequila shots J !. Food effects our mind and body so stay away from sugary foods, energy drinks and coffee. Pick wholesome healthy foods that will mellow you out and help you sleep; soups, veggies and spices like camomile tea and lavender.


Drink plenty of water and rehydrate your body, air-conditioning and a long flight will dehydrate your body amplifying jetlag symptoms, I usually drink at least two litres of water during a 8 hour flight.


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