Ok so I know what your thinking, Guy has completely lost his mind and there is no way we can eat chocolate for breakfast and it be healthy.

Trust me on this one, not only do I have 5 healthy chocolate breakfast recipes for you but they’re gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, and vegetarian BOOM .

So basically I’m giving you permission to eat chocolate for breakfast whenever you want and to not feel guilty about it 🙂 


Raw Chocolate Avocado Slice

Black forest Rice pudding

Hell yeah just like the cake & I reckon this has to be one our most versatile recipes to date! You can have this for breakfast, desert, hot or chilled – it’s made with leftovers brown rice saving you money and time, sweetened with banana and packed with coconut, raspberries and cocoa, it is seriously tasty.

I also love to this black forrest mix up in rice paper roll and have them on the run when I’m heading out to work . 


Chocolate avocado mud bowl

I created this recipe last summer as a way to cool down and to start the morning with a bang. It’s super quick to make and packed with all natural ingredients,  guaranteed to give you the boost needed to take on the day. 

My Chocolate Mud Bowl is Smoothie, cold, creamy and chocolaty then garnish it with your favourite toppings come on its like a party in your mouth .It’s so tasty in fact it ended up making its way onto both the Bondi and LA Café menus and into our Bondi Harvest cookbook.


Chocolate pancakes

Gluten free and using buckwheat flour as a base these pancakes are super simple to make and are also supercharged with extra protein.

Save time and weigh out the dry mix, place it in a glass jar for the morning, Then all you need to do is shake and bake baby.

I love stuffing them with banana for sweetness and macadamia nuts for texture. Or leave the sugar out and use them as a healthy alternative to a warp .



Raw coffee chocolate balls 

These little bites are the perfect breakfast on the run and are guaranteed to give you an energy boost. Their sweetened with dates and energised with espresso then packed with good fats and proteins in the way of almond mill and chia seeds.

Pack them in your bag for snacks at work or just grab them on the way out.


Mocha Frappe-chino

Foods meant to be fun and this recipe was inspired by the movie Zoolander. Super simple, decadent with out the guilt and perfect for a hot summers day


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Have we convinced you that healthy chocolate is possible for breakfast ?

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